AFONTERMO THERMIC SKIM COAT Is a Smoothing, Reflective, Anti-condensation Thermal Coating, a unique innovative product, applicable on all surfaces, solves problems related to thermal insulation: thermic bridges, condensation and energy loss.

With the application of only 3 mm of AFONTERMO you can replace the traditional Thermic isolation, prevent condensation and mold, isolate beams and columns eliminating thermic bridges and preventing the loss of heat optimizing consequently energy saving.

The reflective properties of AFONTERMO ensures an optimal living comfort in all seasons. The product is available for  both internal or external use. AFONTERMO is sold in 14 lt buckets, and it is ready for use.
It can be easily applied with a trowel, this operation doesn’t require strictly qualified mastery.


Why to choose AFONTERMO:

  • It insulates your home
  • Eliminates and prevents condensation and mold
  • Isolates beams and columns preventing thermic bridges
  • Maintains the temperature constant, ensuring optimizing the living comfort in all seasons
  • Saves energy in all seasons
  • Easy to apply, it can be applied on all surfaces
  • 3mm of AFONTERMO substitute 6 cm of traditional Thermic isolation